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Classic American Country Yard Statues

Outdoor statues can transform an ordinary yard or garden of almost any size into a wonderland, an oasis, or a retreat. This simple ornamentation creates a room outside, like an extension of your home. There are many kinds of statues that are popular among statue enthusiasts, varying in style, theme, size, material and more. By selecting the classic American country yard statues you like, and placing them in ways that please you, being careful not to overcrowd the space, you can create an outdoor environment that you’ll enjoy for many years. Depending on the statue material and how each is fixed, you can even move them around to create new views. With the many durable materials available, you can also rest easy knowing that, if you care for them properly, they’ll withstand time and the elements.

Popular Classic Country Yard Statues 

Classic American country yard statues are an excellent way to design a rustic, traditional outdoor space to enjoy. Whether you’re spending time alone outside or inviting others over for a summer party, statues of elk, deer, cougars and other big cats, moose, rabbits and many other wild creatures will entertain and delight.

You can cultivate almost any look you want, from casual to formal. The style is only limited by your imagination—you could install a single, noble elk or an entire cast of woodland and desert animals. You could make a single statue the focal point or fit several in to strategically match visual elements like ground slope, plant size and density, and colors.

Whatever your goal, the addition of foxes, horses and other animals will add tremendous visual variety and offer an engaging conversation starter for guests. You’ll be able to watch your statues seem to change in character as the bright and clear summer months transition to overcast fall days, cold days of winter cover your animals in a light coat of snow, and drifting blossoms of spring scatter across your magical landscape. 

Metal Deer Yard Statues

Popular classic American yard statues include:

  • Elk
  • Horses
  • Moose
  • Deer
  • Rabbit
  • Foxes
  • Wolves
  • Bear
  • Antelope

Material for Classic American Statues

Statues for your yard can be made from a variety of materials. Common materials used include concrete, resin and metal. Each has benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to select the one that meets your criteria.

Concrete statues, which are often among the more affordable options, allow you to have the shape and size you want because they’re made from molds. They’re also available finished or unfinished.

Resin yard statues are made of hard plastic and, like concrete, and involve a highly versatile mold. This is excellent if you need exceptional detail. It’s also light and highly durable.

Metal statues are often found in formal settings but are equally at home in a rustic atmosphere. Keep in mind that these will likely develop a patina—often a preferred look.

Classic American country yard statues are a delightful addition to any yard. The options for style, setting, material and more is almost endless.

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