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Great Statues For A Western or Midwest Feel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you looking for the perfect landscaping, garden and yard ideas for your Midwest home? The large variety of landscaping and garden styles, and beautiful garden statues, means you’ll find the ideal look for your Midwest home if you invest a little effort.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Statue Ideas for Your Midwest Yard and Garden

Statues make amazing additions to property because they come in so many varieties of material, finish, color, style and themes—not to mention the many sizes. Animals are a popular Midwest statue theme.

  • The American Buffalo (also known as the American Bison) roamed North America in vast herds once upon a time. It’s an awesome and noble creature that’s a key part of United States history—and our national mammal.
  • Whether Arabian, Thoroughbred, Tennessee Walker, Morgan, Paint or any other horse breed, if you love the American West you’ll want a horst statue to grace your landscape.
  • Birds of prey make dramatic additions to yards and gardens. Hawks, eagles and other large birds can be placed on pedestals (another great way to distinguish your landscape and complement the theme) to be viewed from a distance as if in flight.
  • Elk are majestic animals that can add a note of drama and nobility to your garden. Imagine a tall bull elk standing at the pond’s edge, peering into the sunrise.
  • Wolves also make beautiful and unexpected additions to landscaping. They’re sure to receive admiring looks and appreciative comments from your visitors.

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Landscaping Ideas for Midwest Homes

  • The large items will be your focal points, so start with placing those. Bronze statues, trees, ponds and gazebos are all excellent examples. Smaller focal points, like bird houses can also be attractive.
  • Plan your home and yard at the same time because the size, materials and colors of both will play off of each other visually and you want to unified look to your property. Let the trees frame your house instead of hiding it.
  • Create an inviting entrance. Do this by planting a row of small shrubs leading to the front door or adding a gate or hedge at the property edge (honeysuckle makes a beautiful addition to these structures).
  • Use contrast—short grasses surrounding a tall statue, soft azaleas beside a stone wall, dark and light colors.

Garden Ideas for Your Midwest Yard

  • Consider adding pathways to your garden. These can be straight or curved. By adding curved paths, you can create perfect spots to place statues so they can be seen from a distance as part of the landscape rather than seeming out of place. They can also help draw attention to pieces such as gazebos.
  • Plant colors in masses to develop your garden as a canvas on which you paint.
  • Install a shaped hedge or arbor for an entrance. This is an excellent way to cultivate a beautiful introduction to your garden.
  • Fountains add character and vitality to gardens. With the many options, you can choose one that complements your vision—whether more refined or rustic and wild.

There are many ways to develop and beautify your yard and garden. From bronze statues to pathways to clusters of bright poppies, you’ll enjoy creating your outdoor work of art.